How do I update a Sprite Strip without changing bounding box

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  • I'm working in a game with a Sprite where i imported a Sprite Strip of about 100 tiles for the ground. In many of them i've changed the bounding box.

    I want to update that Sprite Strip with a different image without changing what i've made to the different tiles (changes in bounding boxes and image points). Is that possible? the new image would keep the structure, just adding some graphic corrections.

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  • I believe there's a trick where you save your project as a "project" instead of single file. Then goto the folder where its saved, and look in the images folder, and replace your sprite sheet there with the new one. Then next time you re open the project, it uses that image instead and keeps all of the bounding boxes intact etc.

  • When saving as project, graphic assets are not exported as tilesheets, but as separated images, so for example if i import a Sprite Strip with 100 assets and then i save the project "as project", a folder is generated with the 100 images 1 by 1 .

    Looking around anyways, i'll also write if i find a solution.

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