How do I update sound effects?

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  • With Construct 2, assets are not read from the folder they are placed in, which means you have to reimport assets everytime they are changed. The problem though is that sound effects can't be reloaded like other assets and reimporting them doesn't update to the new sound unless you change the source name.

    This have not been a problem for me yet since I haven't done any complicated things with sounds yet. My problem now is that I am using specific names for my sounds and the format is "sound_effect_##" and my game randomly plays a sound by name ending with a random number. Now, I want to update one of those sounds but since the actual sound does not update when you reimport unless you rename the source I'm stuck with the old sound.

    Is there a way to remove the (I guess it's a cached file somewhere?) old file from Construct 2 so that I can import the sound anew? Removing the sound and importing it again doesn't work.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I'm sorry if i didn't understand what you mean.

    But if you import sfx with the same name, they will be updated inside C2.

  • That doesn't work for me. If I re-import sounds they will sound the same inside Construct 2 even though the source has been changed.

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  • I think the byte size has to change.. as this has both worked, and not worked for me. I noticed when I make small changes to an audio file it WILL NOT update the sound, but if it's a totally different sfx with the same name it WILL update it. Which is very annoying, it should ALWAYS update it no matter what.

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