How to make update screen 100% stable?

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  • My Update screen is very buggy sometimes, and it does not depend on anything specific. Sometimes update message shows up, sometimes it doesn't but in most of cases the update message remains on screen until I manually press on refresh page. Here is an image showing the order of events that perform this actions. Am I doing it correctly or I am missing something? Sometimes it works. But sometimes doesn't. Can it be a conflict between some other events/actions? Or I just have to correctly reorder these? Maybe I should put all them in a group? Or create them as sub-events of Browser object? Or there is nothing to do with it? These venets/actions are part of EventSheet2 which gives commands only for objects from Layour nr. 1

  • anybody...please?..

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  • also,many times on some chrome browsers from different devices the " App is updating" text appears at the very beginning and doesnt go away until page refresh. This refferes even if the page is opened for the first time in that browser. Is it buggy at all or I could find a fix for this

  • Is the "App is updating" text set to be invisible normally, so it is only set to visible when updating?

  • yes, thats how it is set.

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