How do I update games automaticly from a unique url ?

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  • Hi guys this is a tricky question.

    I would like to make a browser game which is able to update itself with advertisings that I choose to place on a url of my choice (for example my website).

    The problem: I know that many sites copy the entire web game on theyr site, and if my game becomes super popolar like flappy birds ( hopefully yupyyyy;) I would like to offer little advertising space for example at the "game over screen " of each match.

    Now...if the ad is placed on the game hosted on my own site it is not a problem, because I have of course the C2 file taht I can change without problems. So I like to know if i can arrange my game in a way that it searches for updtaes automaticly, even other people are hosting the game on their site that maybe I even do not know.... so that all games in any url will update advertisings or for examples bugfixes ecc....did U understand my problem ?



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