How do I update my game without getting any problem?

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  • Hello everyone,

    thats my problem! D:

    everytime i create a update of my game, i export the .apk with Cocoonjs

    i rewrite the old version of the game with the new one (or google play update)

    and there are appear some errors in object that were moved from an update to another,

    por example:

    if the "menu button" is in 32X,32Y

    and in the next update the "menu button" is in 40X,40Y.

    the game will show 2 menu buttons in the screen.

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  • I don't really understand what you're doing.

    Do you have conditions in c2 that refer to a certain position of your menu button? If so, then you have to fix this in your code.

    Otherwise I always recommend version control. I always ask in the beginning of my games, whether I have a new version and make some security events.

  • the problem is that if in the update are new items and new stuff, the new items and stuff doesnt appear

    when i rewrite the Apk in my phone.

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