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  • Hi!!! i hope you are doing fine :)

    i have a question, is there possible way of making an update system for a game made in construct?? let me explain more...

    a way to give the customer updates for the game, in order for us to fix any bug ,glicth ,error ,crash, etc... i would hate to have a gamebreaking bug go undiscovered by debugging process, i will beggub my game very strongly, im going to dedicate 1 or 2 months to this and i will hire a group of persons to help me to playtest the game, but, even with a lot of testing its very hard to not have a bug or two that went undiscovered, so i will like a system to fix such bugs in the form of a update system, i know i just need to put a new version of the game for the user to download, but what would happen with the user's save states and achievments?? i assume they will get reseted...

    so, any idea if a update system that keeps save data its possible?

    any tips?? thanks in advance :D

  • it's not possible for construct to keep track of the client side of things. So it really depends on your method of distribution. Many games are made to check online on start for updates. But I don't think construct games can patch themselves...

    Services like Steam offer an option to this, since it's steam itself that checks for updates and keep your games up to date.

  • hmm this is intresting because i have the same problem with all online html games.

    I know that the "save game" have his issues, but normally a player, without saving game, that enters to a web page will not recive the update unless he removes the cache from the explorer he is using.

    There should be a way that if the game is online, it check's at least the code file, to be up to date.

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  • Funny thing, i just found this:

    [quote:2y612diz]Updating your game

    You might wonder: if the game is always loaded from disk, how do you update your game?

    If you're online and you load the game, the browser loads from disk instantly as before. However, as the game is running, it checks for an update in the background. If you've uploaded a new version, the browser downloads it and saves it to disk. Then, next time you load the game (this includes refreshing the page), the browser loads the new version. Until then, the user keeps playing the old version.

    The Browser object has two conditions to detect this happening: Is downloading update and On update ready. Is downloading update is true if the browser is downloading a new version in the background. The system expression loadingprogress is also set to the update progress from 0 to 1, e.g. 0.5 for half complete. On update ready triggers when the download has finished, and the new version is ready to be loaded. If this triggers on the game's title screen, you might want to prompt the user to reload the page (using the Browser's 'reload' action) so they're playing the latest and greatest version. However, you probably don't want to interrupt them mid-game!

    This allows you to easily make a simple auto-updater for your game. You could show a text object saying "Downloading an update..." to notify the user an update is being downloaded. When On update ready triggers, you might want to show a message saying an update is ready, and display a button which reloads the page when clicked.

    Remember to re-upload the offline.appcache file

    If you're updating even just one file of your game, you must also re-upload the exported offline.appcache file - every time! Otherwise the browser will assume nothing has changed and won't bother downloading the update. (The offline.appcache file must have changed for the browser to check for an update, and Construct 2 adds a timestamp to the top of the offline.appcache file to ensure it always changes.)

  • what about savegames now? do they get deleted if i make an update on android or will they stay there?

    If they get deleted than C2 is pretty much just useless.


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