How do I make my update events work 100% ?

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  • I have these events in the next order. They care about showing the update dialog and button to refresh the page after it was downloaded. Since I continue adding stuff and events to my project, these updating events are not showing up anymore. I have 3 layouts, one as intro and 2 of the game. These update commands are put in a separate event sheet, which has actions only for the intro layout. What could be the reason they show only sometimes, and only on Firefox? And why Chrome keeps showing the text even after the update has finished downloading? You have to refresh manually, in comparison with Firefox.

    Do you know a way that this kind of element work flawlessly? My game requires very frequent updates so people will get really confused when they will get such bugs just because the update was not applied in their browsers...The whole game starts with the first layout and this events

    here's is the event sheet:

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  • Your image link is broken

  • it should work this time, thank you for a reply!

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