How do I Update a database?

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  • Hi,

    I have been working with Construct for some time and I'm now lost into tasks getting too difficult for me.

    I can make an array from an sql database, and it opens a lot of possibilities, but I'm stuck when it comes to update the database.

    Here is the php coding I use to send data to MySQL :

    if(isset($_GET['name']) && isset($_GET['score'])){

    $name = strip_tags(mysql_real_escape_string($_GET['name']));

    $score = strip_tags(mysql_real_escape_string($_GET['score']));

    $sql = mysql_query("INSERT INTO `$db`.`scores` (`id`,`name`,`score`) VALUES ('','$name','$score');");

    With the Ajax object, we can call an URL like "....?name=NAME_HERE&score=1337" and then make a new line in the Database.

    My question is, how to edit/update a particular item. For example if I use this method to make a profile and the player wants to change a line of it...

    The index of my database is "id" which is auto_increment. I'm not sure if it helps or not.

    I have been watching dozens of tutorials but nothing is working for me. If you have any idea how this would be working I thank you in advance.

  • When the user updates their profile, you will have their id available.

    Update score for user id 1

    UPDATE `$db`.`scores` set score = 1000 where id = 1;

    Update score and name for id 1

    UPDATE `$db`.`scores` set name = "bob", score = 1337 where id = 1;

    With the url, its basically the same, just make sure to pass the id.


  • Hi, this is not a construct issue, you just need to learn sql a bit more.

    so I believe (late at night reading) is that what you need to learn is the UPDATE option in combination with the WHERE option.

    some links that might be useful

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  • thanks a lot, I will figure out from here, it was very helpfull anyway!

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