How I can Update Crosswalk 10??? using intel xdk for make .a

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  • In the intel XDK:

    An error occurred while building the application. Verify your build assets are correct and try again.

    Warning: Crosswalk 7 uses an insecure version of OpenSSL and may be rejected by the Google Play Store. Use Crosswalk 10 if you plan to distribute via the Google Play Store.

    How i can fix this???

  • I have the same problem tooo!!!!!...How can we fix that???


  • When you build, select Crosswalk Beta - this is Crosswalk 10

  • Many Thanks!!!

    Thanks a lot , i'll try.....thanks again....


  • dEAR iMMAFET...

    Nothing works Here......Intel Sdk Don't work..... I have tryed as you told me but app don't works... building intel xdk crosswalk cordova 3.x ......can somebody help me??? please???

    Thanks a lot....


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  • On your Projects tab in XDK select build settings.

    Then Android-Crosswalk.

    Then set app version to '11' and crosswalk version to 'beta'

    That worked for me

  • Dear Squeakydave,

    I have tryed like you told me but give me build Failed!!!....I'm desperado....Can you make me a screen shot of xdk settings??? Please???

    thanks a lot...


  • [attachment=0:2rmi6hmw][/attachment:2rmi6hmw]

    Any help?

  • Dear Squeakydave,

    i have made like you have shown to me in your screen shot.....the only thing different is the numberber of version of my application.... for default is : 0.01 .....ok but i have changed it in 1.0 this my mistake??...Thanks again


  • I doubt that could be your problem but you could try changing it.

    I don't know what else to suggest. Do you get any error messages?

  • You have to post the XDK build log so we can help other then that its just guesses and your version # doesn't matter unless you have a build already in the store same with app version code that should just be updated in a increment of 1 when updating your app i.e 1 version on store update need to be 2

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