Update APK in XDK and PLAYSTORE (Solved)

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  • Hi guys!

    I'm about to publish a game in the Andriod playstore, and i just wanted to cover some basic stuff that i'm not familiar with.

    1 - how do i "update" a project in Intel XDK? so far i haven't been able to do so, so every time i want to upload a new version i have to create an entire new project...

    2 - I read somewhere that in order to update an apk in the devconsole in playstore, it has to be the "same" apk, which is why the 1st question is so important.

    3 - how do i obtain valid ID for my app? (this part is getting really frustrating)

    anyway, hope someone has experience with this and can help me =)

  • Unfortunately I can help you only with the first question.

    • close your project
    • replace your www dir with the new one.
    • re-open

    Well, I´ve updated an apk once. I just had to change the version number or it wouldn´t accept it.

  • Another trick for part 1 of your question is to simply re export from C2 overwritting your old folder

    then, in XDK go to your "develop" tab, right click in the list of files on the left and choose "Refresh File Tree"

    thus skipping having to close and reopen the program

  • Hey,

    1. Yes, you can just export from construct2 and override the project files. I never close the project for that and it works fine.

    2. In that case "Same" means your apk has to have the same ID (com.yourdomain.yourgamename) and needs to be signed with the correct certificate. There is also the version number. If you have exported with cocoonjs bevore they had set it up every time you compiled your game. In Intel XDK you can set that number by yourself. If you are not sure you can just type in there "100" and then every update plus one. It doesn't have to be in order but always be higher than the apk deployed before.

    3. I don't really get what you mean by that. Just use ID (com.yourdomain.yourgamename) for all your games. It doesn't matter what platform (android, ios, tizen, windows phone,...) This should be always correct then.

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  • Thanks to all the answers! i'm all clear now

    Regarding the ID thing, I just didn't know what to put there xD I thought I may have been some number someone had to provide or something. Specially since in the developer console in the playstore there is a whole page dedicated to providing you with an ID, there are even 3 types, i though it had something to do with that. But it didn't

  • Oh man, I got hit hard against a wall again, but after a while i was able to find the answer in the xdk forums this time

    It isn't enough to be able to update the game file in xdk, since you'll also need to update the file to the playstore. thing is you need to change the "version code" so playstore knows it's a different version...

    It was really simple though, Where yo set all the project properties in xdk, by default there is a "1" in version code. you just need to add something to the number each time you update it. That way the playstore is happy and you can update the game =)

    I got really stressed for a while :3

  • happy ending.

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