Unwanted sound when stopping audio.

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  • I'm having some issues with the audio feature. I want to have quite long sounds that will be stopped before they have been played to the end. Though when using the audio "stop" function I get a strange popping sound right when the sound is stopped. Is there any way to bypass it? This sound is not produced if changing the volume to -100 db for example. But as I want to stop the sound and just not mute it it would be nice if this was doable without getting distortions when stopping it.

    Here is the file I've used for testing, press the red squares to play the sound: http://www.mediafire.com/download/0fkdb ... dTest.capx

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  • I've tested you file by importing another sounds and stop them, and i think the weird stop because of the sounds type.

    I can stop my sounds smoothly.

    Test if you can fade the sounds before stop them.

  • Are you refering to the file format of the recordings? Because the recordings are "clean" without any distortions.

  • I'm talking about the original files.

    Don't except that sounds will play on browsers the same as audio software's.

    I have more than 50 sounds on my game and some times the sound loop perfectly in the audio software but in the Html 5 it's not looping seamless.

    I've tried this event in your capx and it works fine :

    On mouse released ----- set sound mute

    --------------------------------- wait 0.1

    -------------------------------- stop sound

  • Alright. Well I'll probably go with just the 0.1 delay. Thank you for answering!

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