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  • Hi everyone, I made a game inspired by flappy bird

    http://play.google.com/store/apps/detai ... ernof.bakk

    The character is supposed to "jump" on any click/touch

    Everything seems to work fine on it, except when I touch outside of viewport on my Galaxy S5 mini, the character seems to be doing something close to a double jump or maybe a higher jump compared to when I tap inside viewport of the game.

    Is it a problem coming from Construct 2 ?

  • why dont you share a capx so we can see the problem and maybe fix it for you? installing the apk wont help you pin down the problem at all.

  • Here's a screencap of the only controls you can have while playing the game in the construct sheet

    Also a picture of the game. I circled in red the part of the screen where the jump seems to changes to a higher jump when tapped on

  • Or maybe if I could find a way to disable controls outside of viewport ? But still being able to click ads of course (my ads are outside of game's viewport)

  • i dont think is the controls, its the animation, check for animation image points, and set them to y 0 or to max height all image points on Y ax must be the same, if the character does a double jump, then might be that your animation has image points in different places, which causes the look of a prolonged or double jump.

    also you might want to disable the mouse plugin, since you already have touch object. touch object works both on mobile as for desktop, mouse does not work on mobile unless you tick the option for touch behavior, which might cause your double jump, since the action happens 2 times.

    hope it helped you.

    also if those are not the causes, take a look at the events for the black part, might be that the player passes half trough it, and your collision box its somehow broke, causing your character to push up a bit.

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  • thanks , but I found something else : placed an invisible sprite/object upon the whole viewport and then only allowed taps to work inside it, so you can't move the character at all if you tap outside of that invisible object. Problem solved

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