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  • Consolidated my thread.

    Cannot get this simple example to work on Android using XDK so made a simple example of the problem with everything stripped out.

    Using file chooser and specifying .png,.jpg,.jpeg in properties.

    I have included a capx, apk and screen shots of all the XDK settings I have tried.


    What is expected

    What I expect to happen is that the file chooser should enable me to select an image from my gallery or camera (on Android) and for this photo to appear within the sprite.

    What happens

    1. On Android the file browser appears

    I believe this is the wrong one. Note that it does not show the gallery. From this menu I select the camera and take a picture, it asks me to save and then it returns to the app but the sprite image does not change.

    I really want this dialogue to appear.

    2. On Chrome it works

    3. On NW.js it works

    What I have tried

    Changing the XDK plugins. Tried the Cordova ones and tried the XDK ones both without any luck (see Google drive screenshots)

    Not sure what to try next.

    Is this a Construct bug (think not) or a XDK bug

    Using XDK 2893


    CLI Version 5.1.1

    Anyone know where I should look next?

  • Hey man i tried building my app with PhoneGap and File Chooser works there!

    Now i just have to figure out how to make saving Canvas Snapshot possible on Android...

    I also tried using Cocoon.io, but i can't see File Chooser button here, maybe you can also try Cocoon.io!

  • Thanks for the heads up on PhoneGap. Will give it a try.

    For screen capture I use Cranberrygame's (paid) plugin called, funnily enough "PhoneGapScreenCapture"



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  • Yeah tried Cocoon.io and file chooser no dialogue, nothing.

    Newbie at Cocoon.io so must have been me. Plugins didn't want to install for some reason.

    Can I ask what plugins you used to get File Chooser working over at PhoneGap


  • One of those plugins can't be installed, because of lower crosswalk version (you will see it inside build log).

    On Cocoon.io, File Chooser is only not working Construct plugin. You should also post this in their forums, so they can add this in future! Cocoon.io is very easy to use and it's very nice! It has specialised Construct plugins!

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