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  • I'm following this tutorial scirra.com/tutorials/311/level-page but not as enumerating the orange squares to put 1,2,3,4 ..


    this is what I have

    <img src="http://oi46.tinypic.com/104nsi8.jpg" border="0" />

  • Hey cesarzevil.

    I checked out the file you uploaded and it seems to work fine. I click on the orange box to play a level and it comes back to the main menu with a green box, 1 star, 2 stars, and 3 stars depending on what I clicked.

    Is there something I'm missing?

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  • please if you have any question ask in the same tutorial so i get some notification and i can help you in it ^^ by the way there is no problem can you explain more please??

  • Not talking about the stars, I want to enumerate the squares oranges... put 1,2,3,4 as I put in the image.

    <img src="http://i49.tinypic.com/vncbqa.gif" border="0" />

    the problem is that all squares oranges are the same sprite and is associated with the same frame 1. I want to put my sprites where appears the 1,2,3,4 so up to 25 levels I have.

  • two weeks and no response ... incredible.

    so better have a good program if you do not have any support, GameSalad worth more, I was wrong to choose construct

  • cesarzevil , sorry for that :( , as you can see there are alot of questions comes everyday with the same problem that why you don't get response also some of us like me or many others has many works than programming thats why i couldn't help you. and as i said it would much much better if you asked in the same tutorial so i can help you in anytime , i usually comes here every 3days and no notifications from these tutorials so why?? i have posted a official post of the tutorial you can ask there or in the same tutorial or put my name after ...

    also i wouldn't see your posts but you have PMed me and that's made me happy , finally some one understood what i want!

    ok , i think there are many ways to fix this but the most easiest one is to put a sprite with 1-12 frames and put speed of animation to 0 and just put an event :


    condition1:system:on start of layout

    -->action1:levelbutton:spawn another object:numbers(sprite)->in middle

    -->action2:numbers:set frame --> levelbutton.levels(the variable)

    done ^^ hope you remember what i said before ^^ and i'm happy to see some people that's need to learn but reading is better than asking ^_^

    feel free to ask anything

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