How do I unlink animation from time for pausing

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  • This is a question on how do I. I don't have the capx as of yet. it's also getting large.

    I'm planning on using Spriter to make my menu for the Ouya. I plan to use animation in Spriter to do scroll up and down and use Animate to time seconds.

    The problem is when the game is paused by setting the timescale to 0.0 . Also freezes animation. How can I continue to keep the Spriter animation going while the rest of the game is frozen.

    *I don't have the spriter animation working as importing so far is a pain and I'm waiting for the next upcoming release to fix the following bugs. All objects need to be in every animation :( and the naming parts which both prevent proper displaying :(

    So this is just a theory question for now.

  • any solution yet?

  • Looks like there's a system action called "set object time scale" I guess that will do the trick

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  • Well if you want the entire animation to stop playing when the game is paused the best way to do it for basics.

    <img src="" border="0" />

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