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  • Hi All,

    I'm new to Contruct 2 and was wondering if there was a plugin similar to UniqueSprite on Construct 2 or if there's already a built in function help me do the following:

    I'm trying to refer to a group of objects on the screen at a given time and want to avoid creating events for each object. For example Sprite1 through Sprite5 are on the screen, if I want to be able to create events that would allow me to click and drag any one of them to certain position.

    The Actions would be the same for all of them and I would just like to create it with the least about of events.

    Let me know if any of this is unclear. Thanks in advance!

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  • The families sounds like what you need.

    They are available since r75 for standard and business licenses and are still being worked on (families behavior and families variables are yet to come in the next releases).

  • You could also just use one sprite, and use frames/ animations to represent the sprites.

  • Thanks for there reply guys.

    newt - Your suggestion worked!

    Thanks again!

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