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  • Hi All,

    I am using Bullet to send objects down to the bottom of the screen on touch. (I had previously used physics to do this and worked great but seemed overkill and there was potential for unwanted interaction between objects).

    I may be using the wrong action, but to change the default movement of left-right, I am using 'set bullet angle of motion to 90 degrees' which sends it downwards.

    HOWEVER it rotates the whole object 90 degrees & offsets it weirdly... (see my dodgy ms paint diagram )

    A = Default state

    B = When touched & bullet stuff in action


    Is this the correct way to do what I am after? Anyway to stop the rotation of the object?


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  • On the Bullet behaviour properties, set 'Set angle' to No. Check your sprite's origin is centered, if it isn't rotating around the center (which you don't want, but may help next time).

  • perfect - thankyou!

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