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  • Would anyone be willing and able to give me a breakdown of EasyTween behavior properties (made by lunarray ), please? A layman's explanation would be most helpful, thanks.

    See his forum post for his behavior(s) here.

  • Rhindon

    We are referring to the property box on the left side right?

    * Active on start

    • Yes: will result in the object proceeding with the proprty setting upon the start of layout or creation of object.
    • No: will not start as above condition.

    * Tweened Proprert

    This is which value will be changed. Fairly obvious.

    * Function

    Maybe this should be renamed to Motion. This representes what math formula is applies when changing the Tweened property. There are a lot so I'm going to only give 2 as an example

    • Linear : the formula to move from the start value to the end value with each step being an equal amount.
    • EaseOutBounce : Ease(>STARTS< or slows) a little slower when altering the property(>OUT< or in) references when to Ease. ie EaseOut to start slow. And upon reaching the target number to then cause a Bounce effect.

    * Target

    This is a single value for most properties but a 2 value for position.

    The important part is the reference of "Relative" or "Absolute".

    • Relative means the number should be set from -Infinite to +Infinite.

    As am example. If I set Property Width, Target -50. Then the the Width of the object will end up being [self.width = self.width + -50 ]. This takes into account the current or start value when Tween.Start() runs

    • Absolute means that the numerical value as written is the target. This ranges from 0 to +Inifinit.   So if I set   Property Width, target 50. Then the result with be [self.width = 50]

    **** hmm. My version doesn't have "absolute or relative" in the property box. It should be :\ I'll have to double check for an update :D

    * Duration

    The period of time in seconds that the time of animation should happen over. ie 5 means that the total animation time for tweening will be 5 seconds from start to end.

    * Enforce mode

    Should tween play friendly with other animation modifier.

  • jayderyu - Aaaah, sir, you are most awesome. Thank you! And yes, I was referring to that such property box.

    I'll look over what you prepared here. Thanks again!

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  • (Added you to my Thank You list for the game credits when I eventually get that done.) :)

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