How do I understand what project size to use ?

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  • Hi guys,

    first of all I wanted to ask U if it is possible to re-size a game layout from a bigger pixel size to a smaller.

    How can I understand what size to choose in the beginning. I would like maybe to use the same browser game and convert it to mobile size. ecc... it's a bit confusing to me.


  • Hey mariogamer,

    The layout size and window size are two separate things. (You may know this already so sorry if I'm misinterpreting the question.)

    The window size might have to change to fit different devices, but the layout size probably doesn't.

    If I recall, The layout size is only really relevant for behaviors like "destroy if outside layout", and for convenience while placing objects to make up your game world. As long as the layout is big enough for you to work comfortably, then you should be okay.

    For instance, I tend to set the layout size to be pretty large, and most of the time I don't use all of it. The only thing an end user will see is the part of the layout that shows up in the game's window.

    One of the other features of layout size that might be important, is that if you scroll your view around in your game, the game window will stop at the edge of the layout by default. You can free up the window to scroll off the edge of the layout by clicking the layout in the project panel, and in the layout's properties, you can enable "Unbounded scrolling".

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  • Thanks 4 the answer...sorry, my foult...I mean the window size.

    What is the logic aprouch my choosing it if U like to make a browser game or a mobile one ?

    Is it logical correct to say: majority of people has wide let's choose a 1280* 720 size ???

    Or is it later a problem on the browser for the performance ????

    thanks again

  • C2 can upscale and downscale, so choosing a correct aspect ratio is more important than the actual size..

    Just be aware that by making your game window bigger the size of the sprites will probably get bigger too, and that might get you into trouble with the amount of memory available in mobile devices..

  • Thanks...

    I made a small experiment and I am still a bit confused.

    I set my monitor to 1280*1024 pixels and than i set the windws size the same....

    but if I play is not perfectly fitting to the screen...

    I think a bit in "photoshop" way. If I have 100*100 as layout and set wind suze 100* it not like showing 100% size ???? so basicly fitting to the screen ??? I should see the entire layout and not like me a small player level and a big white space arround....

    I am a bit confused even after several tests.

    tell me if i am wrong... the layout size basicly is the size of the players world.

    and the window size should be the resolution ?...oh I have 20 files with different settings and titally confused...

    thanks guys

  • The way I understand it is...

    Open a New Project...

    When you have the words, 'New Project*' highlight that and on the left you see 'Window Size'...

    This is your window to the world. Think of it as looking out of a window in your house...

    Now highlight Layout 1... This is your world...

    So the size of the 'window' basically dictates how much of the 'world' you will see...

    In order to see the rest of your world, you either have to make your window bigger, or make it scroll to that part(s) of your world that you want to see...

  • thanks very helpful

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