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  • What is a good way to learn about how these terms, understand them, know how to apply them, know what the limits are? I am referring to, I think, the variable multipliers and event modifiers of ACTIONS, the ones in parentheses within ACTIONS.

    Below are not complete copies of an event, just certain examples (the ones following -> of course) have been pulled, and some have been copied from forums as they look complicated enough for me to use for these examples:

    + System: Else

    -> System: Set global variable 'currentfile' to 1

    -> XAudio2: Load file AppPath & "music\" & filenames (global('currentfile')) to channel 1 (No loop)

    -> tCurrent: Set text to filenames (global('currentfile'))

    + System: Every 100 milliseconds

    -> System: Create object Star_blue on layer 1 at (random(640), 0)

    -> Star_blue: Set opacity to random(100)

    -> Star_blue: Set height to random(3)

    -> Star_blue: Set width to random(3)

    -> Star_blue: Set speed to (Star_blue.Height)*50

    + System: Every 1500 milliseconds

    -> BossMovePoint: Set position to Hero.X+random(20)-10, 100

    + bullet: On collision between bullet and bad_guy

    -> System: Create object boom on layer 1 at (bad_guy.X, bad_guy.Y)

    + MouseKeyboard: On Left mouse button Clicked

    -> Spriter: Load Character "char 1" from file apppath&"hero_new_008.SPRTR"

    And almost everything in the Construct 2 version of �Ghost Shooter� are another great collection of example. I am unable to copy the EVENTS as text, but if you have any version of Construct 2, you can check out the link to the Ghost demo and see what I mean.

    So, how does someone figure these bits out? Hints or tips? Basic physics knowledge? General scripting? Practice, but how does one know where to start? Know what I mean? Hope I am not making it more complicated than it all really is.

    Thanks for any input about this.

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  • What you refer to is a mix of mathematics and native expressions.

    Those expressions are also available from the semi transparent floatin "Object expressions" panel under the object System.

    They are described and inline helped within C2.

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