How do I understand which device supports "Multiplayer"

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  • Hi!

    I use multiplayer plugin in my game. Sorry I cann't show sources, but it's no need.

    I tried run my game on diferrent devices and platforms: kinds of android, windows phone 8.1, PC web browser. And I came to next conclutions (using custom scirra signalling server):

    • PC browsers Chrome are work great with "Multiplayer" plugin.
    • "Android host" and "Android client" are work.
    • "Android" and any other platform doesn't see each other at all. "Android client" cannot connect to PC browser host and vise versa.
    • Windows phone doesn't even think about Multiplayer plugin existance. It's impossible to host on this platform.

    I need answers how do I can use multiplayer plugin on windows phone and between different platforms?

    Thank you being stay here despite my complaint

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  • I think there should be no reason for there to be no cross platform capability. If it can run multiplayer at all it should be able to work. I haven't tested but I'd assume there is something wrong with your events. As for the windows phone, check if WebRTC is supported using Multiplayer.Supports_multiplayer

  • I've exactly the same issue than fens, and there is obviously an export issue on android: when exported with crosswalk on intel XDK, Multiplayer.Supports_multiplayer returns a positive answer, although there is no communication between 2 android devices.

    PS: android devices manage connecting and login to the room but can't communicate

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