How do I underline text in a text box?

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  • Is there anyway to underline text in a text box? Seems like a pretty basic function. Even Word Perfect had the ability to underline text.

    Is there anyway to have text underlined? I looked and all I see is Bold and Italic.

  • I don't see CSS style anywhere. I looked in both Event and Action, nothing there.

    There is no Appearence header. For buttons, there is an Appearance Header and one options says Set CSS Style. There is no header for text boxes.

    I mean the text boxes where the text is set. Not one where the user inputs text. As in, the text box where it's already set.

    You'd think Underlining would be put into Style options along with Bold and Italic.

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  • you can't set css for Text object

  • Why can't we set it for Text box? Really? So Construct 2 is missing one of the most basic functions for text. Even the most basic anything involving text allows underlining. They could just add it to the Style options along with Bold and Italics.

  • It's a really simple function. Never before have I ever seen anything that had Style Options for Font, but was missing Underline. Underlines help for headers, and make text more professional looking. It gives a divider between the the header and the text below that header.

  • Are you talking about text, or text box?

    korbaach showed you how to do it for text box already.

    If you think text should have it, make a feature request, or use a third party plug.

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