How do I make an unbreakable and sturdy rope ?

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  • So this project is a school project, our concept is to link two avatars with a rope to influence their movement, it's supposed to be a racing game, two players will play each of the characters and try to cooperate and to get to the end of the road.

    So to do that "link" thingy I used a rope made by another guy on the forum ( realistic-rope_t65930).

    I linked it to another object with movement, so the rope is all glitchy and it always strech. It there a way to make it sturdy and weld them together.

    I'm putting a .capx here to show what I've done for now. open?id=0ByjPggRpUJzfMURWckVSU2EtS2s

    I've also imagined a way to something with variables and a fictive rope without physics but it's a bit blurry.


  • Before going for 3rd party plugins, maybe you should see what the engine has to offer itself.

    Try with physics behavior and joints.

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  • Well that's exactly what I used, the thing I used wasn't a rope plugin, I was just a script he shared and I used it, however it strecthes too.

    I did use the physics behavior and joints, I also tried to use the Pin behavior but it disable collision for the rope and only the avatar 1 can pull avatar 2 toward him, not the other way.

  • Can't see your capx because the URL isn't complete (It's a reputation feature).

    Paste only the following to "" to see the capx.

    Pin behavior shouldn't disable collision. I've used it a lot. Maybe you are using it the wrong way.

  • How are the players moved? Using other behaviors besides physics to move them may be the problem. Basically the physics behavior can't account for the motion of the other behaviors. For best stability the physics should be doing all the movement.

    Setting the position with events or other behaviors is the most unstable especially when joints are involved. Setting the velocity with events is better but still can be unstable with joints. Best is to use forces and impulses to move the objects.

  • Ok thanks , I thought it was weird that they always went all crazy like that, I was using the 8 direction. I'm gonna look into that thanks !

    Edit : I've put a working capx in my first post , sorry I didn't realise it was cut.

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