unbonded scroll background for a freerun game

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  • Hi there..i am having troubles with the background of my game...what i am trying to do is make a freerun game... i am planning to have day and night in the game...and i plan to do that by changing the background....I dont want the background to change instantly to a brighter color (for day) or darker color (for night).. so i have played a little bit with the opacity.. i am using the Canvas pluggin..i think i have almost achieved what i am looking for in terms of the transition..from day to night and vice versa.. but..whats irritating me is the lines...that come up everytime the background over laps with its instance.. i am attaching a capx to make it more clear...

    Please help.. thanks in advance :)


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  • I think this may help you ;]


  • I think this may help you ;]


    Well thanks for trying to help me.. i had seen this before and that is not what i am looking for.. the background on those videos is not on unbounded scrolling..i want the background to continue.. with unbounded scrolling.

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