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  • I recently made my small project into a larger, folder based project, and organized my events into groups (as they were in a complete mess before.)

    However, in testing out my newly reformatted project, I've found that I can no longer see the placeholder projectiles I've created to test out mechanics. I can see the effects quite clearly, and at least one of them is still functioning properly, but they are no longer visible. I've replaced the sprites for the projectiles, checked to see if they were spawning on another layer, if they were invisible, etc. Nothing is changing. I'm restarting the system now to see if that is the issue, but one of them requires that I see where it hits in order for me to see if it's working. Any suggestions as to resolving this would be much appreciated.

  • I have tried several other methods to see if it would fix the problem, but it still persists. This is cause for concern as this game is a college project for me. Advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit: I'm honestly very confused right now. All the elements are in the right place, and they are doing what they are supposed to, but those 2 particular sprites are not showing up visibly, despite the fact that they are definitely being created.

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  • aside from posting the .capx you can check the following:

    search your event sheets for "Opacity", "visible"

    click on the object inside the project dialog, (this will select all instances), and then check the opacity and initial visibility in the object properties again (a property will appear blank if multiple instances have different things set). Also check the 'blend mode' property as well.

    if you're using shader effects, disable them one by one. Search for them in the events and disable any actions related to them.

    If it's visible in the editor but not visible when testing then i'm not sure what else it could be. You should post the .capx maybe

  • well, again, I'm too new to post an actual hyperlink, but here is the .capx link:


    Once you can get it to start up, press the c button. The blocks should be repelled as if an object is striking them, and those which come to rest should be repelled after a delay, indicating that they have come into contact with sprite5, which is an asteroid (i changed it to that when i noticed it wasnt working as a placeholder block.) However, if it's working like it is for me, you shouldnt be able to actually see the sprite. That would be the problem i'm having.

  • The problems with the layer..

    For the 'create object on layer' action you can either enter a layer name such as "Background" (with the quotation marks) or a number like 0 1 2 3, (without the quotation marks)

    The numbers go in order so 0 is the bottom layer, 1 is the next layer up etc.

    You've input a number and mistaken it for a name.. it looks right at first glance because the layer that you want is called "Layer 0" (which is actually layer number 1)

    so anyway...

    Create object Sprite5 on layer 0 at(sprite3.x, sprite3.y-20)

    should be

    Create object Sprite5 on layer "Layer 0" at(sprite3.x, sprite3.y-20)

    but you should rename the layers to avoid confusion. And your sprites!

  • Thank you. Lol, I tend to overlook the simplest errors like this. It's helpful to have a second pair of eyes.

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