How do I Un-Sync AI shooting behaviour

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  • Hello,

    I've a video here of some behaviour I'm trying to eliminate:

    Notice how the AI both shoots at the same time when they're allowed to. So I have a check of if the AI is within range and is activated it shoots 3 bullets at a timed rate. But I don't get why they both shoot together, I've tried putting a for each condition on the event too, a little confused by it, but I assume it's an obvious, re-occurring issue for the uninformed like myself

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  • Nothing seems wrong to me - if u are in range, both shoot as quickly as possible - at 2 Points in the Video you seem to be in range of just one and just one shoots -

    if u want different behaviour, you could create a new object with the same graphics and add a delay before Shooting or reduce the Shooting speed

  • increase - one will stop shooting if it gets out of range.

    I get what you mean but it's odd because these things ALWAYS shoot at the same time as each-other if they're in range, like precisely at the same time, I would imagine, one would get in range before the other and they'd be at an offset sync.

    Good idea about the delay though maybe I'll add a random start offset.

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