Does a UID of an object (array) get reused after a destroy

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  • I am creating an Array, populating it, using the members of the array ("for each X element") then destroying the array.

    When I next create an ARRAY it has a UID one larger than the last array created. Is this correct? Do UID's never get reused???

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  • In the editor, it does actually recycle UIDs, to keep them low-ish. (Otherwise if you deleted all your objects and added a new one, it would have a high UID - this way it goes back to being low.) However at runtime UIDs keep incrementing by 1 for every new object, they are never re-used. The limit is the integer limit of Javascript's double-precision floating point numbers, which is 9,007,199,254,740,992 (9 quadrillion I think that's called?). Hopefully high enough

    Only recycled in the layout during development.

    Unique during runtime.

  • Uid's are given based on the order in which they are created, so they are only unique to each other.

    They are recycled as they are destroyed.

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