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  • Can anyone tell me whats going on here pls.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/v4ht3srwxohld ... .capx?dl=0

    As soon as you press the button to show the UI its like UI layers ontop of everything and you have no control yet its invisible still hehe. Been trying to figure out the layouts system and I dont think it works as its supposed to.

    Simply you should be able to make 3 layouts, main, control, ui

    Then some layers, background on bottom, player then ui on top.

    Instead of GOTO LAYOUT your supposed to be able to MAKE LAYER VISIBLE but it is not working.

    In every single project I have MAJOR issues with layers and visibility etc. ALWAYS something that kills the layers.

    Also is there a GOOD information on how layouts and controls should be handled with Construct?

    What I mean with this is do you use 1 layout for the entire game or do you make the game more structual such as 1 layout for main menu load and save etc, 1 layout for game controls, movements etc, 1 layout for effects, graphics etc, 1 layout for other items and so forth???

    I have found NOTHING that really gives you a good understanding of larger projects if you like. Everyone is "Do the tutorials" well almost EVERY tutorial is like 1 layout!

    Any recommendations pls.

  • The issue with your layer not becoming visible is due to a problem with your events in "EsControl". When you click the button and "uionoff" equals zero, you make the "ui" layer visible and set "uionoff" to one. You're then going to the subevent where "uinoff" is now equal to one, and you end up undoing what you just did. Instead, you should do something like the following:

    (Top event)Button4: On clicked
    ----(Sub event)uionoff = 0 then set layer "ui" visibile, set "uionoff" to 1
    ----(Sub event)ELSE, uionoff = 1 then set layer "ui" invisible, set "uionoff" to 0[/code:cnmhrl64]
    For choosing what to put on a layout, it's best to keep things grouped as you would see them in the game.  Generally, I would suggest having menus and game levels on separate layouts -- I would only suggest placing the UI on a separate layout with a global layer if you have multiple game level layouts, otherwise you should simply have the UI layer on your game level layout.  Things like controls, AI, etc -- purely logical portions of the game -- would be kept in separate event sheets, and the sheets you're using would then be included into the event sheets for the layouts that use those logical elements.
    I would never recommend using only one layout, as this would get incredibly messy.  The only reason most tutorials have a single layout is because they're mostly demonstrating simple concepts that don't require a separation of elements.
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  • Thx.

    Yes I have been reading through Tuts as well as Manual all the info on Layouts, Layers etc etc etc. But what Im saying, being an old C/C++ coder, when we coded in C++ everything was laid up such as graphics routines in one include file and keyboard and mouse in another include file, etc. then included into the project.

    Im playing with these layouts, event sheets and layers thinking maybe that is equivalent to C++'s OOP but I dont think it is.

    Reading through all this you should easily be able to make a project on a couple layouts with different layers and just call the layer or make it visible or do you HAVE to physically call that layout first. Reading the forums a lot of people have similar problems with the layers, layouts and events, and I mean a lot of people.

    Anyways enough of my ranting here, I will go look at your suggestion and thx for taking the time to look at the problem.

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