How do I Typing Game with Chinese characters without textbox

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  • please help me , after a lot of hours researching i dont have more option that ask for help, i cant use textbox because its useless for my purposes, i know that with textbox you can use IME keyboard and switch beetwen english and chinese without any problem.

    I need to write words in english or chinese and run some events, and show the characters that you write in game, after checking some .capx examples i can understand that i need to use a list of words in a dictionary or array, i need to save too chinese words in arrays.

    i tried to edit some .capx examples without success like this:

    filedropper . com / typing

  • would you mind to tell me how to simulate typing in chinese with virtual keyboard?

  • this cant be done without textbox, i am using "set focused" then i cant use the keyboard to play the whole game, i cant find another way to do this.

  • Well, I think it's related to browser, I'm not sure I can help you without chinese keyboard

  • this thread help me a lot:

    scirra . com/forum/how-do-i-use-a-lot-of-quot-compare-text-quot_t129771?&hilit=compare+text

    right now english words are working for me, but i need to convert the english text to chinese characters, example: bird in chinese is "niao", you can write in english niao : . com/#zh-CN/en/niao , and you get the chinese character: 鸟 , i am thinking how i can do this in construct2 with a long list of words because it will be easy if you write niao and you get the chinese character in game, after you get the chinese character the game will run an action, i was thinking in make a big list with 2 columns of words , english name and chinese character, but i need to learn how to check two columns with construct2, example i will write "niao" in game, the game will show me the chinese character and destroy an object.

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  • basically you should use OR operator such "niao" Or "鸟" as they accept both in that case pick one.

  • Majinboo something like this example.capx ?

  • Majinboo something like this ?

    thank you for this example, i am not programmer but i am trying to learn, i am analyzing your example, i think its a good point to start, i just want to example: write with the keyboard Cat and show the word Cat in a text object and after hitting ENTER then run action1, write Mao = show mao chinese character letter in a text object and after hitting ENTER then run action2, you never will see the mao word in the text object instead you will see the chinese character.

    I need to write a list of words example: Cat, Mao, Chinese character, i need to use the computer keyboard because the virtual keyboard its too complicated for desktop PC.

  • researching a lot the whole day i found this: scirra . com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=147&t=129298&p=909520&hilit=convert+text#p909520 , i need the same but without the textbox, i will try myself to do this, but i feel dumb when i need to use programming codes.

  • i tried a lot to do this but i cant, i feel like i am dumb understanding programming, please give me a link to understand how to do this, even i tried to replicate this: scirra . com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=147&t=129298&p=909520&hilit=convert+text#p909520 and i cant, i get error in json , i just want for example write ru and get る in a text object, i will make the sprite font of course, right now i can write with the keyboard in my project and get the text in a text object with my sprite font, i just need compare the text with the dictionary variables (ru , tsu, wa, etc..) and get the value る, つ, わ, etc... in a new text object.. like when you write with IME keyboard in windows, you write ru and instantly you get る, i want this but in game without textbox.

    my failed .capx attemp: / iamdumb

  • ... i just want for example write ru and get ?....


    Majinboo check also: Array editor

  • > ... i just want for example write ru and get ?....

    > Majinboo check also:

    thank you so much for your help, your example capx helps me a lot!!!!!! i will read a lot more about arrays, the array editor its amazing! i have a lot to learn! thank you again!!!!!!!!

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