How do I have the typical Share feature?

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  • Hi..

    Majority of the games have a Share button where it pops-up the official Android sharing dialog box (such as: WhatsApp, Gmail, etc) to share the app.

    Like this one below:

    How can I implement this using Construct 2.


  • I would like to know that too!

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  • I'm sure many others would want to have this feature in their game.

    I am hoping to get some answers here... Perhaps if anyone knows about a Plugin that can do this.

  • Might want to check this tutorial! We used it in our game for screenshot sharing and it brings up the official Android or iOS menu with all the sharing options. Unfortunately, couldn't tell you how to do it though as I didn't work on that feature myself. ... os-android

  • for understanding how android works and how you can call all intents for android phones i suggest read the official android documentation works best using Browser Object in C2 and go to url or execute JavaScript its a matter of copy pasting ...

    Developers corner Android and for understanding how to use it in C2 as above read the official C2 Android Corner

    you can also check the tutorial in my signature... and create a basic idea how the API's for different mobile platforms can be used.

    all android, ios , windows platforms, have their own apis, Uri's, SDK's , scripts to be called by default... since they always listen to commands, you just need to find out which are those, and how you can use them, most of the platforms (android/ios) or apps(whatsapp/skype) have open documentation and easy implementation, others lacks it.

    or you can buy thisplugin by basically does what the tutorial i have does.. which is based on his twitter tutorial.. but having a behavior/plugin may improve the options u can use.. outside the only share button

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