How do I typewriter text + mugshots.

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  • Okay I know how to use the animate text behaviour and have mugshots for one npc talking in a rpg but how do I change the animation of the mugshot to the second npc’s talking image and set a new typewriter text paragraph, sort of like a talking system in MegaMan battle network. No I am not making a MegaMan battle network fan game but rather a rpg of my own with the elements of mugshots. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Something like this

  • Have you seen this dialogue system?

    I imagine you can easily add an avatar or "mugshot" of a person speaking to it.

  • Hmm... perhaps i could use a variable to keep track of which npc is talking and add 1 every time the animation finishes to this variable.

  • No.. You can use "begin_function" attribute in the XML file to change avatar animation. Simply create a function that changes animation.

    Or a better solution would be adding another attribute: "animation_name". Make a sprite with different animations for everyone, who has dialogue lines in your game, and when each line of dialogue starts set animation to "animation_name".

    So your xml can look like this:

    <TextLine id="1" id_next="2" animation_name="guard">Stop right there!</TextLine>
    <TextLine id="2" id_next="3" animation_name="character">What happened here?</TextLine>
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  • I am sorry but could you send a example file for construct 2 on how to do what you’re suggesting? Or I will go with my method.

  • Are you blackmailing me?

    Did you see the the link I posted? In one of the comments on the first page there is a working link to capx.

    If you decide to use this dialogue system, edit the xml file in the project. Either add a function to xml that will change avatar image/animation, or add a new attribute "animation_name" (this will require some changes in the dialogue events).

  • No not at all, I can use my own method and figure out how to fix my problem.

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