How do I get typeof values like string or numb of json data

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    "connectors": [{ "SCHEMA_TABLE_NAME": "SC_MSSL_375", "NO_OF_COLUMNS": 2, "SOURCE_CONNECTION_ID": 3, "LASTSCHEDULEDON": null, "CLIENT_ID": 0, "LICENSE_REQUIRED": "0", "DATASET_ID": "3ad92fbb-a3a7-4cf6-a562-91836695b582", "CONNECTOR_ID": 20, "NAME": "11 demo large 2", "DATA_TABLE_NAME": "DS_MSSL_375", "SCHEDULE_TABLE_NAME": "SH_MSSL_375", "CONNECTOR_LOGO_L": "small_logos/logos/sqlserver.png", "CONNECTOR_LOGO_S": "/sqlserver.png", "JOB_STATUS": "Successful", "CATEGORY": "Database", "CREATEDON": 1473568076000, "ROW_ID": 375, "LASTRUNON": 1473568076000, "NO_OF_ROWS": 16450, "DESTINATION_CONNECTION_ID": 3, "LAST_UPDATED_ON": 1473568076000, "DESCRIPTION": "11", "SCHEDULE_CRON": null, "CONNECTORNAME": "MSSQL", "CREATED_BY": "zp861" }, { "SCHEMA_TABLE_NAME": "SC_MSSL_362", "NO_OF_COLUMNS": 1, "SOURCE_CONNECTION_ID": 3, "LASTSCHEDULEDON": null, "CLIENT_ID": 0, "LICENSE_REQUIRED": "0", "DATASET_ID": "14da9f02-271b-4a03-b50a-9d30d1109a18", "CONNECTOR_ID": 20, "NAME": "test error", "DATA_TABLE_NAME": "DS_MSSL_362", "SCHEDULE_TABLE_NAME": "SH_MSSL_362", "CONNECTOR_LOGO_L": "small_logos/logos/sqlserver.png", "CONNECTOR_LOGO_S": "/sqlserver.png", "JOB_STATUS": "Failed", "CATEGORY": "Database", "CREATEDON": 1473464152000, "ROW_ID": 362, "LASTRUNON": 1473467021000, "NO_OF_ROWS": null, "DESTINATION_CONNECTION_ID": 3, "LAST_UPDATED_ON": 1473464152000, "DESCRIPTION": "error", "SCHEDULE_CRON": null, "CONNECTORNAME": "MSSQL", "CREATED_BY": "zp861" }]


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  • [plugin] JSON (import/export/generate/edit/inspect/...)

    Installing third party plugins

    [quote:3an2e1p3]1. Close Construct 2

    2. Copy the plugin's folder to <install path>\exporters\html5\plugins. You'll see each plugin has its own folder here, so to add a new plugin create a new folder and add the plugin's files inside it.

    3. Launch Construct 2 and the plugin or behavior should be available from the editor.


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