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  • I want get name/label from node (" <line id="a"> </line>" , where I want get that "line" )

    My plan is use it for make a sequence of events, but of course, the events must follow the node list order, but for parse the events I want know which type of event is.

    my example XML:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
    <!-- char 0 = narrador -->
    		<scene id="start">
                             <show s="t">smile</show>
    			 <line s="t">
    			<line s="t">
    				What doing here?
    I already found this post: 
    I'm using this inside a normal for each xml, but it not recovers nothing: XML.StringValue("name()") 
    I can move inside the for each node by node with this : /visualnovel/scenes/scene [@id="start"]/*[ "&actualnode&"]
    There is somebody here witch used "name()" with sucess ? there is an alternative? thanks you.
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    I'm using Xpath visualizer tool http://xpathvisualizer.codeplex.com and I can't even make it work there. There is something I'm doing bad and perhaps it's out from construct scope

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  • I remember having used the name() function successfully, but I can't seem to be able to get it to work now... Maybe a bug ?

    edit: Okay, I think I know why I can't get it to work anymore. I'm currently using Firefox for my test, and there's a workaround for some Firefox related problem implemented in the XML plugin. Strangely, the workaround isn't needed when using the name() function. Testing with IE fails too, although I don't know why... Chrome and NW.js works like a charm!

  • You are right. Works only under chrome ( I was trying under firefox, like you). I will update with test under mobile browsers.

    Thanks you, Magistross, I was expecting something from you, like I already read almost everything about xml at this forums.

  • Ok, its confirmed:


    On desktop:





    On android:



    Android standard navigator



    Firefox (again!)

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