How do I type in a name with a gamepad?

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  • Hey, guys!

    I found a lot of tutorials of how you can type in your name for leader board entries with the keyboard.

    ...but since the game I am making is more of a "Sitting on the couch with a controller" type of game. I'd like to type my name, how you did it in Zelda, Final fantasy, Crono trigger etc:

    Trying to figure out how I will make this work without adding a billion events for every possible key-press on each location. I am not using a mouse at all for this project.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance! c:

  • If it can help you, you could use sprites for letters, each letter being a different animation frame for the same sprite.

    Then you move an overlay sprite by lets say 32 pixels (Letter sprite is 32 pixels too)

    If OverlaySprite is positioned in A then it can move only if X is greater or equal than A.XPosition.

    I did something similar for a menu with around 10 lines of code or a bit more so should hopefully be fairly easy.

    Good luck!

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  • No reason why you couldn't use a sprite font or text object is there ? Use a for loop to generate them on StartLayout, use the index to calculate X and Y positions. Or alternatively use the style used in early arcade games (why so many high score tables say AAA)

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