Is This Type Of Logic Possible?

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  • Hi everyone,

    Im making a game that the player needs to dig down in a tunnel and the further the player gets the more blocks spawn from the bottom up. I was wondering if someone could fill me in on how to make sprites spawn under my player as he digs down.

    I have no idea how to make that happen.Ive can never get my blocks to move up when the player goes down.

    Thanks guys i hope someone can enlighten me.

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  • Anyone know of this type of thing?

  • there are many ways to do this.. but it's hard to give you exact advice without a lot more information.

    so is this just for an item collect? like in minecraft when you mine a block? you want the block to come up?

    one easy way is to make an image point on the player sprite. Put the image point below the character. then when digging down you can have the Player object spawn a new object at image point(1).

    Or just reference a position below the player. System Create Object block at player.x, player.y + 200 (so it's below the player)

  • jobel Thank you! your reply means alot!

    The game im working on will be a game like PocketMine for android devices, Im just trying to make blocks move upward or just spawn static offscreen while the player moves down the screen. Im understanding how to create the blocks,Moving them is my issue. In short the link to pocketmine is here it will explain alot.

    Im mainly looking to get the feeling as if im digging down endlessly ... mine&hl=en

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