What type of files for a Kongregate game sponsorship?

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  • Hello everyone!

    I've been looking at all topics speaking about Kongregate and I already know that there is a brillant tutorial about how to submit the game to the platform. Meanwhile no one mention what type of file is adapted to submitting the game to the email address they mention on the "sponsorship" page. they don't even mention it either. They speak about .SWF but that's not possible with Construct2.

    If I give them the link to the game on dropbox as in the tutorial, will it work?

    Do any of you guys tried it before and know what would be the more appropriate type of file?

    Thanks you so much for the infos!

  • I would try exporting the game in HTML5 then zip it into a zip file, and send the zip file by email. They do accept HTML5 games, so I take it as they will be familiar enough with it to know what to do with the file and how to play it.

    I've also just looke over the Kongregate sponsorship terms, and point 4 says :

    "Kongregate-sponsored games must be released on Kongregate first [...]"


    Does that mean you should simply upload your game to Kongregat first, then ask for sponsorship? Then it'd be simple, you'd just have to send them a link to the game on Kongregate I guess.

  • I think it's really confusing...

    On the developer page there have that line:

    "Before uploading your game to Kongregate, you may consider submitting it to us for a sponsorship evaluation. "

    http://developers.kongregate.com/docs/s ... er/welcome

    I'll put the game on, and then send them an email or something. I think they are trying to do really well but they are drowning under the sponsorship application. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    I sent them an email asking what type of file to send them, and got that email back:

    Thank you for submitting your game to Kongregate for sponsorship consideration! Due to the large volume of submissions, we are unfortunately unable to respond to requests over email.

    We are also unable to sponsor the vast majority of game submissions we receive. Don't take it personally! Our current focus is mainly on games with heavy RPG elements, though we will consider sponsoring any type of game that is of high enough quality.

    If you believe that your game meets the high standards for a Kongregate sponsorship, please feel free to contact Greg McClanahan directly over Skype at the account "gregmcclanahan."

    But even if your game doesn't qualify for a Kongregate sponsorship, that doesn't mean that it's not fun and doesn't have value! You can also try submitting it to FlashGameLicense.com to make it available for bidding from a wide range of portals.

    Good luck!

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  • Alright.

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