How do I use the same type of enemy independently?

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  • Hello boys, i'm very new to the software. I'm still getting used to basic things so bare with me.

    I have this small issue, I have made a single enemy made of 3 objects with pathfinding, works ok, not a big deal. So I try'd to copy paste him and have a 2nd enemy within the Layout. Now i have 2 enemy's in my layout acting the same. The problem is i want to use them independently. When one enemy LOS (Line of Sights) me and chases me, the other enemy from across the room comes to chase me too. I don't want the other same type of enemy pathfinding me if he didn't see me. How do I use the same type of enemy independently? Must be a way, I don't think i would have to make another whole seperate enemy?

    note: the object is made of 3 parts. bottom for pathfind, top for turret and a sprite to cover it all on top.

    Any help, i will be grateful thx.

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  • I recommend reading this handy article and see how Construct2 uses "picking", this will help you get an idea of what is going on and how to work with it:

  • Aha, wasnt using any containers for the 3 objects and was using global variables rather then variables for the actual objects ><.

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