How do I make a two player platformer.

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  • Hi guys.

    I need some help.

    I'm having a problem with my upcoming 2 player platformer. I have two players in my scene and they both have the Platform behavior. The orange guy was done first and after that i added the second yellow guy. I added the platform behavior to the second player and how he also has the same exact event list. The problem now is that what ever i change on one of them also applies to the other. I want them both to have the platform behavior but with different event sheets. Images below.

    Images :

    Is this a real problem or is it something that i haven't heard of in Construct?

    Thank you.

  • From those images it appears only the orange suited fish has events.

    Making separate event sheets won't help if Construct doesn't know which object to work with. You can do it all in one event sheet. You just have to make two separate sets of events that apply to each player independently. The platform behavior is bound to certain keys by default so I would assume player 1 would use those. When you make player two you will need to use the behavior events with on-keypress "simulate control" movement/jump/etc. and set the second's behavior "default controls" option to NO.

    Here is a super small .capx with 2 person controls. One is default and the other is controlled via W,A, and D.!ApREGYJdm9zRgQJwDqj04FjKeRus

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  • Thank you for your help.

    The problem was that for both of the characters "default controls" was set to Yes. Once i changed that i was able to simulate the controls for the second character on WASD.

    Thank you again.

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