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  • Hello, im new here and im making zelda style game, but with 8direction behavior. I have no problem with animations of walk in basic 4 directions, but i cant set these animations for diagonal walk.

    How do i work: event:(Down arrow is down + right arrow is down)

                  action:(hero - set animation to "run" (play from beginning)

    So, when i press arrow down, hero is walking properly,

    when i press arrow down + arrow right, hero is going in diagonal direction, but only with first frame of required animation. Why?

    help me please:-)

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  • is your "run" animation set to "loop" and has a speed higher than 0?

    same goes the frame speeds of the individual frames of your run animation, they should have a higher number than 0

  • no, unfortunetly that was not the problem. I fixed the loop and speed as you wrote, but its still not working. But thank you:)

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