How do I make two of the same enemies act independently?

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  • I can somehow get them to move on their own, but their mirror state is dependant on the other.

    I've tried "for each" and the likes. Should I handle it all through variables on the enemy itself?

  • use an instance variable to track their angle and set the mirroring of the animation to be dependent on that.

  • Yes, I use an instance variable 'state' to choose what they are doing, and to ensure you have full control of the picking for any action they might do, such as an attack, I use a function in which you can pass through the enemy.UID and make sure it's definitely that enemy performing the action.

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  • Okay, I've gotten it where they have their own variables etc. However, it's the same issue. Is there something I need to do, such as "pick by object" or something? It would need to be something recursive so I can do it over and over again regardless of the number of enemies on screen.

    EDIT: I moved extra events to the main movement event. Though nothing is specified in this, each object of the same type takes on their own movement and mirrored states accordingly. This is what I was looking to get done, not sure why it has to be this way, but there it is.

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