How do I Get Two Bad Guys to make singular choices.

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  • Hey, I've been working on getting the basis for a TBS game going and am running into a problem. Basically, what I want is for each of my enemy pieces to move, one after another. As of now I can get them to check moves one after another but it seems that it's forcing the second numbers on the first. So my player Characters are working amazing (I have four in there.) I went in and added a bad guy and got him to work well, but then when I added a second bad guy it ruined everything.. So I went back to square one and decided I needed to add both bad guys at a time. Here's a screen shot of what I'm talking about:

    https:// com/ file/d/0Bz7FEsAe5hXcTHpuNkZMU0RnQjA/view

    Right now I have movement based around making GhostPiece around the tiles I want to use, then have the PC/Enemy choose one of those Pieces. Because the event is more broken up with the PC it was a little simpler to do, I store the value of the players move (0-3) then when they confirm the move. On the Computer side I have it check the same moves and that seems to work (it will fire two different Ghost Pieces, 1 after the other.) But the NextY and X will pull from the same CheckMoves Pull (or is it getting reset as the second one makes it's choice?) And then the Ghost Piece isn't getting deleted the second time.

    Anyways I've been pulling my hair on this for a few hours, and needs the help! I can't seem to figure out how to separate it where the NextX and NextY are only getting applied to the current Piece-Set. I also want to call the "Next Phase Function into this, but when I do one of the enemies doesn't pick up a GhostPiece. I'm not sure if this is all combined, but please any help would be mad appreciated.

    You can also check out my full code here :

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  • Actually I can't quite post URLS yet, so if you want to look at the code message me.

  • I figured it out, my expressions were to condensed.

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