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  • What is a good method for creating tutorials (or levels)?

    Let's say you have a puzzle game with different levels.

    I started making level 2 in a new layout, with a new event sheet.

    I wonder if I am doing this in the correct way, because the new event sheet doesn't "know" anything. I end up copying all important events to the new event.

    Is that how you make new levels (or tutorials?)?

  • copying the same events is not good practice...simply go to properties bar in layout 2 and select "event sheet" event sheet1...

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  • Like it says in the manual including event sheets with global events into layout-specific event-sheets is usually the best practice, but there is no absolute right or wrong.

  • Sorry, LittleStain, but I disagree: copyng and pasting same events instead of using functions or equivalent is deprecated in all programming languages...

  • Did I say anything about copy-pasting?

    Including event sheets is not copy pasting..

    It's referencing an event sheet in another and thereby not needing to copy-paste.

  • right click on an event sheet choose include and all events on that sheet also count for this event sheet.

    You can only use one event sheet per layout, but this event sheet can have many others included.

  • , what seems to work the best for me is to create an event sheet that is a superclass (aka parent class) for all of the levels. The superclass contains all the logic that is the same for all the levels. Then, as LittleStain said, you would include that superclass event sheet in each of the levels.

    Also, in my superclass, I've created many functions that the regular level event sheets can call. It definitely helps the readability of all the event sheets and it makes creating each additional level much faster.

  • I use Includes and it seems to work out well for me. I actually have a level game I just uploaded to the arcade and I used includes for it all.

    What I did was make sure I grouped everything that went together for each level on 1 sheet and then I made and event sheet called "Includes" and added all the other sheets to it. Then with every level layout I made a new event sheet and then just added the includes to each new level sheet.

    See it here if you want

    I hope this was clear sorry.

  • Thanks for the replies, very useful!

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