Tutorial question: Bridge to cross water

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  • Hi all,

    I've just checked this tut Make a bridge to cross water barrier

    and I wondered, why not do this with the Pin behaviour?

    I tested this and it worked, check it out here

    So you see I pinned the bridge rails to the bridge. And whenever the Player touches a bridge rail, the bridge gets pinned to the Player.

    You can attach the bridge to the Player from any point and there will be no "jump" when attaching the bridge to the Player when the Player touches the bridge rail.

    One thing, though - sometimes the movement is slooooow. I supposed it had to do with the "solidity" of the guide rails (which is required for collision test in order to be able to attach the bridge to the Player).

    Solution: as you can see in the event sheet, after a collision with the rails, I disabled the "Solid" behavior. Aha, now it works.

    Problem which can be found here an in the original tutorial:

    If the bridge is set mid-way above the river, the Player can go over the bridge and as soon as he touches the river, he's transported to the other side. No chance to get that bridge again <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle"> Can be a feature, or it should be corrected..



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  • Hi Dan72

    Thanks for taking time to show me another way to do this. I knew when I started that there would be more solutions to this scenario. Now I know a little bit more about CS2 specificly the a use for pinning.

    Thanks again I will try this in the future to see how well it works in the actual game. Not that I have any doubt but always like to know for sure on changes!

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