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  • Hey-- i have only been working w/ construct2 free edition for a coupl'a days && i have been working through this tutorial:

    "/tutorials/253/how-to-make-a-platform-game" && am really impressed w/ everything so far-- but on page 7, the part about making the snail enemy move back and forth between the "edgemarkers"-- i got everything, as far as i can tell set up "exactly" like the tutorial, but when it loads that enemy won't move. I got it to move right only, and got it to vanish when it collides with the edge marker-- but no dice for changing from "right" to "left" w/ the "System >> Else" event statement from the tutorial. Would anyone be willing to help me debug what i am doing wrong here ?? Sorry if this gets asked all the time && would be grateful for any reply at all. Would post a current version of the project here w/ bug in it if that would help && someone would tell me how &&

    kind regards, mark-p.

    My-Platform-Mod.capx (file://SUM_DUDE-PC/Users/sum_dude/Dropbox/CAPX-File/My-Platform-Mod.capx)

    P.S.-- Hey, found out how to edit posts-- have the demo posted without the bug to my server && can post w/ the bug if that helps ( though i can't see how it would as i can't show the event editor or anything ). Anywho-- thanks.

  • Man, I can't understand your phrases and what mean &&?

    Also, if you need help with a specific item, share the CAPX on the post and ask one question by time, it may help you get helped faster.

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  • Hey-- Man, && means "BUZZ-OFF and go FLAME somebody else".

  • Hey-- nevermind, I got it to work !!! ( had the quotation marks in the compare instance variables boxes set up backwards ). && am SO glad I didn't have to let tater-head boy there help me !!!

  • TELLES0808 I think && = and !

  • Thanks.

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