How do I get turret to work on another solid object

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  • Hi,

    I have created a few sprites using containers where I have a base and a turret on top. Now this works great and the turret has LOS enabled etc and follows the player around as per settings given. I have another image (A Tower image which sits on the ground layer) and when I place the turret on top it works fine and it looks great. However when I change the tower image which is below the turret, the turret stops moving.

    I think I know what the problem is. So the turret is now inside the tower object which has the solid setting on so the turret can no longer see the player as it's stuck in a solid state, but I do not want to disable the solid state on the tower image else the play will just go straight through. I have tested this by placing the turret on the corner of the tower, just outside the edge and it fires, bring it just in and it stops.

    Can I have my cake and eat it too? Is it possible to have the turret sitting in the middle of a solid object and still work?

    Losing Hair......

    Thank you for any help.... I have included the 3 scenarios below as the example. I would provide capx but it's about 33mb at the moment.







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  • Okay figured it out. I just set Custom to obstacles in the LOS Behaviour. Hey, it might help someone anyway...

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