How do I Turret Shot randomisation

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  • Hello so heres the background i have a moving and stationary archer shooting at player one so i have predictive aim on.


    -i can have an arch but its not that high or it misses.

    -how could i add a some shot randomisation and not miss player one horribly or be avoidable with just walking.

    what i would like to know

    -how to be able to have a higher accuracy arch

    -how can i add a bit of shot randomisation ( make the shot not 100% accurate like as in it can be a little to slow and high at times )

    -how could we get all 3 of these to work together (the arch randomisation and still pre aiming ) because once you start adding more stuff like think of it as pendulums if you have 3 of them on one point ( aka the turrets firing abilities ) they might collide and mess up/

    thank you for your time and reading my crap issues i looked around a bit ( didn't spend hours but a fair bit ) and couldn't find something if there is something if i could get a link thank you.

  • [quote:3ryz09ws]how to be able to have a higher accuracy arch

    Add variable to bullet "TargetUID". When you do shotting set TargetUID to turret target UID.

    EveryTick for each bullet set angle towards position of object with UID equal TargetUID of current bullet.

    [quote:3ryz09ws]how can i add a bit of shot randomisation

    I didn't understand this question.

    [quote:3ryz09ws]adding more pendulums on a point they might collide

    Do actions only when bullet collide to palyer.

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  • The style of your game will greatly influence the solution ( top down, side scroller, isometric and so on ) Is there any chance of a description or screen shot to make it a little clearer?

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