Make a turret movement but by arrow keys

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  • I know how to provide control from keyboard keys.

    I have this sprite which consists of a turret base, and a turret head (sort of a pistol barrel) which I want to rotate when shooting at enemy.

    Now I want to rotate the turret head about the point where its base lies in the turret base.

    Please look at the image

    <img src="" border="0" />

    The circled part is about which I want to rotate the turret head, using left and right arrow keys.

    I tried to add 'Rotate' behaviour to turret head, and I also use 'Pin' and pinned it to turret base, and then I applied keyboard event to make smooth clockwise and anti clockwise rotation of the turret head about the point.

    But what happened wasn't what I expected. The turrethead's end completely goes off the turret base, the rotation isn't smooth (i tried different speeds and acceleration values).

    I just don't know how to do this simple thing.

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  • Here is an simple example:

    Rotating turret

  • Thanks. I'll look into it and tell you later how useful was it.

  • I have release r119.

    when I open the project, i'm being told that this project was made using r121 version, and can't be opened.

    Could you just tell me what's being done in the project ? What behaviour or settings are being used? I just need to know that little bit.

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