How do I Turret Fire Without Rotation?

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  • Hello and thanks for looking,

    Im having trouble getting a turret behavior object to shoot with rotation turned off. Anyone know why or how to remedy it?

    If rotation is turned on, it produces a projectile and fires it but with it turned off, the object just sits there and does nothing.

  • You can try to do it without turret behaviour.

    Try clean sprite which is spawning bullet sprites every x seconds at certain angle.

  • I would think that with the option to turn rotation off that it's not necessary to have it on to work.

  • The turret will only fire if the player is in the line of sight of the turret. If it isn't rotating to face the player then when you are in range you need to be directly in front of the direction it is facing. It should fire if you stand in its line of sight, you are a target for the turret and you are in range and it's set to spawn projectiles.

  • Plinkie, I thought the same thing but I couldnt get it to fire no matter where I stood.

    Thanks Plinkie and Roach for taking the time. I scrapped trying to get it to work with turret and just did it all manually.

  • I think if you are not going to use rotation then yes it is best to do it manually with bullet spawning and set angle. Turret is a behaviour so it has its limitations and is there really for the player tracking and to act exactly like a turret.

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  • Plinkie, yeah, it works great as a rotational turret- perfect even. I was hoping I could use it in other ways but doing it manually isnt a problem. Thanks again.

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