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  • I have my little tank game going gang-busters, but all of a sudden I have run into a problem! When the turret 'on shoot' spawns a bullet, the 'on bullet created > set angle X' no longer works! It will always just set the bullet to the same angle as the turret.

    This was not always the case, I remember when I started this game that they would take into account accuracy variations when shot with turret behaviour, and if you say 'on bullet created > wait 0.1, set angle to X' it will work. The lowest wait period I could get it to work for every shot was 0.02, and it would work for some shots all the way down to 0.016.

    Does anyway know exactly why this is? Or how to solves the problem? I have been stuck on it for a few hours now, which really is too long for something this simple :(

    Also I noticed that if non-turret behaviour objects are firing shots, it will work as intended until they move (either with pathfinding or 8-dir behaviours).

    Capx: dropbox.com/s/xpp3lfws3ps890f/bugging%20out.capx

    And if anyone happens to know in which version that problem started I would like to know, it would be worth me stripping back to it :)

  • Not sure.. bug report maybe. Using 'system create' instead of 'spawn' works.

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  • ramones - Thanks for that! I don't know why I never thought to try it that way. I guess I should report it, I have come across other problems with angle setting in pathfinding behaviour too.

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