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  • So I've created a basic turret defense game with the ability to win and lose based on certain out comes and I was wondering how I could get it so you have more than one turret available to buy.

    I'm having some troubles balancing out the game and I figured the easiest way to fix the balance issues is to add more turrets in that do different tasks. Only problem is, I can't quite figure out how to have it so you can actually buy multiple turrets.

    As it stands I've not changed turret placement all too much from the pre-made version in which on clicking a wall block, you place a turret. Only addition I have made is a way to buy turrets based on your score.

    Currently, I have 2 different turrets with 2 types each. A 'model' version which does nothing but sit there (Which I want to be the one you click to swap type of turret) and the actual working version of the turret.

    I was wondering if the easiest way to go about this would be to use a variable so when you click the turret you want to buy, the variable changes and based on said variable a turret is created.


    Figured it out, I have it so when you click the turret it changes a global variable of 'Turret' between 1 and 2. I then copied the turret placement events and replaced the first turret with the 2nd, and added an extra condition that if Turret = 1, the 1st turret can be placed and if turret = 2, the 2nd can be placed.

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